Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant, & Mechanics Lien Litigation

Real estate transactions tend to be among the most important and costly purchases people make. Correcting real estate errors can be expensive. Considerable expense and inconvenience can be spared if documents are properly drafted and transactions are conducted appropriately.


Real Estate Litigation and Transactions: Our firm has experience in litigating real estate matters, including purchases and other transactions in which problems were uncovered after the fact. Maybe a seller failed to disclose a defect in the property, or a buyer discovered a regulatory or zoning problem. We also handle both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our real estate litigation experience helps us to identify and resolve potential legal problems before they start, minimizing legal issues down the road.


Mechanics Liens: When contractors are not paid for work they performed, they can force payment for their services and materials by filing a lien. Most people understand that and agree that payment for services is a reasonable expectation. However, the situation becomes complicated when property owners who are unhappy with the contractor’s work decide to withhold payment or when subcontractors who were not paid by the contractor file a lien. In such a case, unfortunate property owners who paid the contractor can find him or herself out of money, and liens can prevent or significantly delay the transfer, sale or refinancing of property.