Business & Corporate Law

We advise our clients in business matters including confidential business and corporate legal matters. We are experienced in the areas of business formation, mergers, acquisitions, licensing, corporate governance, and employment matters.


Business Formation: We assist our clients in making the important decision of the type of entity they select (e.g. corporation, partnership, L.L.C.) This decision will impact personal liability, control over the business, taxes, and level of management.


Contract Negotiations or Disputes: Most businesses will require the use of contracts at some point, and our attorneys are experienced in negotiating and drafting contracts, including but not limited to: buy and sell agreements, commercial leases, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, employment contracts, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Even though contracts are designed to prevent future disagreements between the parties, contract disputes do happen, and we are prepared to vigorously defend our clients’ interests.


General Business Advice: If you own a business, you will some day run into legal questions that require the advice of an experienced business law attorney. Our attorneys can provide counsel in the areas of business planning, formation, purchase, real estate, valuation, contracts, acquisitions, mergers, successions, licensing, and more.